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Refinance Mortgages

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Refinance before your current mortgage term is up

Is your current mortgage loan's term almost over? Check out the refinance mortgage loans from The Mortgage Store Online.

The sooner you apply for a new commercial refinance loan, the better. Cause once you apply (for free), a broker here will help you 'choose a loan' (for free) and get you 'locked into a mortgage rate' (for free). And 'grabbing a great rate' in advance (for free) is always smart!

Then, once your current mortgage term is up - your broker here can re-check to see if there is an even lower rate available than the rate you already got 'locked into.' And if there is a lower rate at that point, great. But if there is not a lower rate at that point, you'll be super-glad you locked into the nice low rate you got because you were smart enough to plan ahead.

Get more information on refinance mortgage loans....

Talk to one of The Mortgage Store Online's brokers by using the refinance contact form, or by calling them at 1-866-674-0548.

Benefits of getting a refinance mortgage loan:

By refinancing your commercial with a refinance mortgage loan from The Mortgage Store Online, you can get these great benefits:

  • Get a refinance mortgage loan that has a 'lower rate' than your current commercial loan
  • Get "equity/cash-out" of your commercial real estate with a refinance mortgage loan, and use that cash in any way you wish
  • Get debt consolidation with your new refinance loan - so you can get rid of your high rate credit card and other loan bills, by replacing any of your other debts with one easy-to-pay refinance mortgage-loan
  • Get lower payments on your new refinance loan that are equal to or lower than your current mortgage loan payments
  • Get a "line of credit" with your new refinance mortgage-loan, so you can take cash out of your commercial real estate whenever you need it

Get a commercial refinance loan: just fill out the mortgage application!

Commercial refinance mortgage loans

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"Dominion Lending Centres, They're a Beauty!" ~ Don Cherry

Yes, Don Cherry - famous Canadian Hockey-Legend - is our celebrity spokesperson here at Dominion Lending Centres! We're very proud to be associated with Don Cherry here at Dominion Lending: he's the best!

Visa Credit Cards for Canada: We also offer Visa Credit Cards in Canada, including our Dominion Lending Centres line of Low-Interest Visas (with 9.9%-12.9% + Rates) that come with various Credit Card Offers and Visa Rewards! We also offer Easy-Approval Home Trust Visa Credit Cards for Bad-Credit (Secured Visas). To learn more, please visit our Canadian Partner Dominion Lending Centres Visa Website

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