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Mortgage News & Tips: From The Mortgage Store Online

Easily subscribe to our mortgage news feeds (a.k.a. "RSS feeds"): to get the latest free Canadian mortgage news on home and commercial mortgages in Canada! You'll get great tips, current mortgage rate information, and wise advice from experienced mortgage brokers on a regular basis!

How To Subscribe To Our Mortgage News Feeds:

If you already have a "News Reader", Simply paste the links below into your reader. (Hey - If you're not sure what a News Reader is, or don't have one, click here.)

Copy & Paste these links into your reader:

  • Home Mortage News For Home Mortgage News, Copy and Paste this link:


  • Home Mortage News For Commercial Mortgage News, Copy and Paste this link:


Help With Subscribing To Our Mortgage News Feeds

If you're not sure what a News Reader is, or don't have one, read and carry out the following steps:

  1. Simply Select the link for the newsfeeds you're interested in below, and new pages will open in addition to this one.
  2. RSS feed icon Home Mortgage News

    RSS feed icon Commercial Mortgage News

  3. The pages that open are the actual news feeds. They will ask you to choose a "News Reader" - like Live Bookmarks, or the Google reader etc. It will recommend the first choice based on your browser (like Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer etc.).

    It's the easiest to use the first Reader it offers: you'll be able to save the mortgage news directly in your toolbar on your browser: or in your bookmarks list.

    To do this, simply hit the "subscribe now" buttons on the news feed pages.

  4. Once you've hit the subscribe button, your browser will probably pop up a small screen that asks where you want to save the news feed: Choose to save it in your "Bookmarks Tool Bar" to make it easy for you to see, or simply choose Bookmarks Menu or other such options to at least keep it in your bookmarks lists.

  5. You're all done - UNLESS the above steps didn't work for you: which means maybe your browser doesn't offer a "News Reader". In this case, we recommend you get a Google Reader from the list (Google is fun: like us: and we trust them too!).

  6. To do so, on the News Feed page that opened up (if it's closed again, click the links in step 1 above again) choose Google from the list. OR visit www.google/reader.com. NOTE: either way you'll have to "create an account" with Google if you don't have on yet (you will if you have "gmail) - it's a bit of work, but they're fun to associate with in many ways: so it's worth it.

Still having trouble getting an RSS reader? Yes it's a new fangled thingy these RSS News Feeds: so don't sweat it.

There's a list at the following link of various readers that you can use. Once on the page, you'll have to choose the type of computer you use first, and then you'll go to a list of "RSS News Readers" for that computer-type (they call it a 'platform' - but normally you'd choose "Windows," Or "Mac": those are 'platforms').

Link to this list of RSS Readers: www.allrss.com/rssreaders.html

Still not able to get a reader? Use our contact form, and mention you have trouble getting a reader, state the type of browser and computer you use, and a technician here will get back to you and try to help.


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