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About Us

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About The Mortgage Store Online

The Mortgage Store Online Inc., is a company founded by mortgage brokers with 20 years or more experience in both the home and commercial mortgage industry.

As a brokerage, we have multiple mortgage lenders who lend through our company, including all major Canadian Banks and Trust Companies, as well as exclusive private lenders. This allows us to offer you a huge selection of mortgage rates, payment plans, and programs such as self-employed mortgages, 100% mortgage financing etc..

We offer our full range of home and commercial mortgage services nation-wide.

We are able to give you both home and commercial mortgages for any purpose, including but not limited to the purposes of refinancing or getting equity out of a property you already own, or to purchase new property to live in or rent out or develop for profit.

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Get Mortgages for Any Type of Property

We can provide you with a mortgage for any type of home or commercial property, including but not limited to:

Home Property Types:

  • Homes to live in, or rent out
  • 2nd homes / Vacation homes
  • Rental Homes
  • Larger Residential/Home Property (ranging from semis to 12 unit residential buildings) [Note: for buildings larger than 12 units, see commercial property types listed below]

Commercial Property Types:

  • Apartment buildings (12 living-units and up)
  • Condominiums
  • Office buildings
  • Skyscrapers
  • Mixed-use buildings
  • Industrial/manufacturing buildings

Wide Range of Mortgage-Amounts Available

We are able to provide you with various mortgage amounts, ranging from several thousands of dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars and more.

Large Selection of Lenders Available

Our large pool of mortgage lenders includes all major Canadian Banks and Trust Companies, as well as exclusive private lenders and other mortgage companies customers cannot approach on their own. This allows us to provide you with the opportunity to explore all the major 'mortgage options' available in Canada all at once: making your 'mortgage shopping experience' easy and successful.

Since we are not partial to any one of our particular lenders, we are able to give you as our potential customer, genuine help in finding the best mortgage type and plan for you.

Consultations from Experienced Mortgage Brokers/Agents

We're proud to offer you services and advice from experienced mortgage brokers or agents, whereas most of our competitors, including major Canadian banks, only offer you consultations from sales representatives or clerks.

Our dedication to offering consultations from experienced and educated brokers and agents rather than sales reps, has enabled many people to get a mortgage over the years who otherwise could not: people who were turned down by banks and other single lending institutions.

Our experienced brokers and agents look into your financial situation in detail, and are able to see how to help you safely qualify with one of our many lenders: even with banks who may have previously turned you down.

If you cannot safely get a mortgage 'right this minute' we will advise you on how to get mortgage at the earliest moment possible: we don't just say 'no' and leave you on your own. If you happen to not qualify for a mortgage, we take the time to outline to you how to eventually get a mortgage in the future.

Discounted Mortgage Rates Offered

Because of our relationship as a brokerage/brokers with the major Canadian lenders, we are able to offer you 'discounted' (non-inflated/base) mortgage rates, that are almost always up to even a full percentage lower than the 'posted rates' offered by major Canadian Bank's branches that you can approach on your own.

By using our company to borrow from the major Canadian Banks, you'll be able to get discounted rates and potentially save thousands of dollars on your mortgage in the long run.

Broker Fees Are a Rarity Here

It's very rare that we charge broker fees for home mortgages. As long as you qualify for a mortgage with one of our 'Grade A Lenders' (which most people do quite easily), no broker fees will be charged. And again, even if a broker fee is charged, that fee will be minimal, especially compared to the amount of money (even thousands of dollars) you could lose paying an 'inflated rate' to a bank-branch or branch of a trust company that you can approach on your own.

How are we able to usually not charge broker fees? We're actually 'paid by' the lender you choose through us for your mortgage: your lender will pay us a fee for giving them an opportunity to lend to you, freeing you from any costs with us. This isn't necessarily true with all brokerages like us: some brokers/brokerages will charge you a broker free no matter what: it's just our policy to not charge them as long as you qualify with one of our 'Grade A' lenders.

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