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FREE home mortgage services

The Mortgage Store Online is proud to offer free home mortgage loan services to all borrowers who qualify for one our Grade A lenders. All services and consultations are absolutely free, and since a majority of borrowers easily qualify for a Grade A lender, our company has become the best option borrowers have in acquiring a home mortgage.

Start with a free consultation from a licensed mortgage agent: available here at The Mortgage Store Online to help you with your specific mortgage needs - whether it be financing, refinancing, purchasing, or getting equity out of all types of home real estate and commercial real estate. In just 5 quick and easy steps we'll guide you through with getting your mortgage loan:

Step #1: Talk to one of our mortgage agents – phone or online form

Toll-free phone call: 1-866-800-2577

Call 1-866-880-2577 to talk directly to one of The Mortgage Store Online's licensed mortgage agents. All of them are able to handle any of your home mortgage needs. They’ll even fill out the home mortgage application for you right over the phone.

Application form

Do you prefer to fill out the information yourself? Just go to our home mortgage application form, and click the submit button, and the information will be sent to one of our mortgage agents, who will call you right back after their review. You may expect to hear back from a mortgage agent within the next business day – and please be sure to include your phone number!)


Step #2: Find out your mortgage options

The second step of the mortgage-loan process with The Mortgage Store Online is a mortgage agent sharing your 'lender options.'

Once one of The Mortgage Store Online's agents have received your mortgage application (whether through over the phone or via online) they will review your application and determine how many lenders you qualify with. Since our mortgage agents work with a large pool of lenders, you can be assured of them finding a lender to provide you with an offer.

They will then explain your 'options' - meaning, they will tell you about the offers the lenders can make you for your mortgage.

For example, say you qualified for "Mortgage Lender #1" AND "Mortgage Lender #2." Your mortgage agent will tell you what types of mortgage loans are being offered by each of the lenders (i.e. an "adjustable rate 1 year loan" or a "fixed rate 5 year loan" etc.), along with their offered mortgage-loan rates and payments. Plus, the mortgage agent will let you know exactly which type of mortgage-loan you can get from lender #1 and from lender #2.

The Mortgage Store Online's agents will let you know all of your lender-options, and help you choose the lender that best suits your preferences.

It will be at this stage that you'll find out if you qualify for one or more of our Grade A lenders and also find out if our home mortgage services are free for you. Just so you know: most borrower's do qualify for many of our Grade A lenders: so it's very rare that you wouldn't qualify for at least one of them!


Step #3: Submit your documentation

The third step of the home mortgage-loan process is you submitting your documentation to The Mortgage Store Online's mortgage agents.

Your mortgage agent will let you know (over the phone) exactly which documentation you'll have to fax/email them for your mortgage loan.

What are some of  documentation you’ll need to have? One is proof of employment. If you're employed you'll have to send in a letter of employment, for example. If you're self-employed, you'll have to send in proof of your self-employment. Other documentation may include past financial statements, or proof of collateral you may own.

Some documentation can vary base on the type of home mortgage loan you’re applying for. Your mortgage agent will be sure to explain what you need to submit.


Step #4: Underwriting your mortgage loan

After you've sent in your mortgage-documentation to your mortgage agent - you're pretty much done with the process – now the mortgage agent does all the work for you!

Your agent will send your documentation directly to the lender you both chose together. Then that lender will do 'underwriting' which in English means they'll 'make sure the info on your documentation matches the info on your home mortgage application.' (This is simple double-checking to make sure all your information is accurate and up-to-date.)


Step #5: Closing of your mortgage loan

After your mortgage lender checks the info on your documentation and verifies that all the info matches what’s in your application - you're good to go!

Your mortgage agent will then send a package of 'mortgage documents' by courier right to your door - no matter what location you may live in - so you can sign the mortgage documents that are required for your home mortgage to close.

And that's it!

It's a very simple process – and it doesn't require you leaving your house for a moment! Now you can enjoy the end result of your mortgage loan – be it the purchase of a new home property, refinancing a current property, or getting equity out.

Apply for a purchase mortgage loan


Talk to a licensed mortgage agent right now! Call toll free: 1-866-880-2577 or use our contact form.

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